The MakerSpace, located at S-3-34 of the Science building at UMass Boston, provides a number of 3D printers (e.g., Cube Pro), 3D scanners, VR/AR devices (e.g., Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive) and workstation machines for students, faculty and staff to work on creative projects. The place has never been quiet since its opening!
The UMB Game Developers Club holds monthly gatherings to discuss the latest progress in game development, to play with new devices and to showcase game demos.
Academic Genealogy
3D Scanning


Good sharing about writing and research:

Daniel Ritchie's post on three-phase paper writing
Wojciech Jarosz's notes on common mistakes in technical writing
Aaron Hertzmann's slides on writing technical papers
Fr├ędo Durand's notes on writing
Matt Might's blog
Check these out: "What is Ph.D. study?", "10 easy ways to fail a Ph.D."
Yi Ma's slides on how to do research
"Research is a game for which you get to set the rules, but it cannot be a trivial one."
"You recognize a great research result if it keeps you up all night, feeling like your first date."
Li-Yi Wei's blog
One of my favorite blogs. A lot of helpful advice on research, e.g. "How to do rebuttal", "How to deal with rejections"
Philip Guo's blog
A lot of useful articles for undergraduate students who want to do a PhD, PhD students and junior faculty. Check out the Ph.D. Grind if you wanna learn more about life as a PhD student.
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